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Why Subang Square Shopping Gallery?
To begin with, SS15 Subang Jaya is a central location with colleges (Metropolitan, Taylors and Inti), cafes (Starbucks, Subway, Asia Cafe, etc), fast food chains (McDonalds, KFC and Burger King), it is without a doubt that the location in which the event is held is one of the hottest and prime location in the Klang Valley area.

Subang Square Shopping Gallery is a potential hotspot that will be the ideal location for the expansion of your business.

How many vendors is the event targeting?

As we’re given the entire ground floor of the shopping gallery, which is approximately 1500 to 2000 square feet, the location may fit up to 100 vendors if need be. Though we understand that too many vendors would not be healthy, and we discourage this ideology. We intend to have somewhere between 55 vendors to 70 vendors tops. More importantly, we will have a quota for each category of sales i.e. Women’s Apparels, Men's Apparels, Kids Apparels, Accessories, Shoes, Hobby Collections, Arts and Craft, Snacks & Beverages, miscellaneous. Therefore we will assist each vendor, making sure that competition will be at a healthy level.

What is the duration of the event?
Subject to change, but as for now we are planning to hold it from 11:00am to 8:00pm, with a 2 hour buffer time before and after for preparation and cleaning up. It will repeat for both the days of the event.

Do I need to prepare my own chairs and tables?
Each stall will be given a 3ft x 3ft table and also two chairs. If you wish to bring additional chairs/tables, please do let us know.

How much space will be given to each vendor?
We have 2 locations at the moment - Indoor and Outdoor. For the indoor vendors, you'll be given a space of 6.5ft x 7.5ft. As for the outdoor vendors, you'll be given a space of 9ft x 10.5ft. It will be just nice for comfort for a 3ft x 3ft table, two chairs and 3 racks.

Will I be given time for preparation of the stall?
Tables and chairs are arranged to be set up the night before (tentative). Consequently, each and every vendor will be allowed to enter the shopping gallery at 9:00am onwards to prepare. We would encourage every vendor to be unanimously prepared by 11:00am, as we open the doors to the public, to avoid messiness.

Will there be music or performances? *edited*
We'll collaborating with Project OMG! (Open Mic Gig) to put up a PLUG+PLAY special on both the days of the bazaar. They're stripping and going unplugged, busker-style! It's not just gonna be shopping and cakes, there's definitely something entertaining, with a local flavour to look forward to! Do check out their blog to find out more on Project OMG!

Are food and drinks allowed?
Yes, though the vendors will solely be responsible for any debris and unwanted item around their vicinity. We strongly encourage cleanliness throughout the event.

May I display my sign board or buntings?
Advertising of brand identity is encourage, but limited. We restrict nailing of sign boards, pasting on walls, hanging of buntings on existing architectural property, or any other form that may harm the property of the shopping gallery.

How much is the parking fee in the vicinity? *edited*
Ample parking all around Subang Square Shopping Gallery. 3 Basement Parking Bays beneath Subang Square going at an hourly rate, only on Saturday. But basement parking is FREE on Sunday! FREE parking bays are aplenty surrounding Subang Square. It isn't very congested during weekends in any case.

Will there be fitting rooms?
Unfortunately there are no fitting rooms, but there are 2 public bathrooms (Male & Female) with cubicles at your disposal. It is up to the vendors to allow your customer to try on the garment, but we encourage the vendor to follow the customer to the bathroom, to avoid theft. The bathroom is located on the 1st floor of the shopping gallery.

What is the limit for the racks that I may use?
Each vendor is limited to 3 racks only (common size racks). The space given for each vendor is given fairly therefore we encourage vendors to be nice and friendly to their neighbours.

Is sharing of stalls permitted for this event?
Yes, but limited. Each stall is off standard size, and although you may be 2 owners sharing a stall, you have to make do with the space given. With the affordable prices for each stall, we strongly encourage each owner to have their own space.

Can reservation of space be made?
To protect each and every vendor, we do not simply accept reservation unless full payment is made. A floor plan will be given, and vendors may choose specifically which stall they may want to rent.

Can I specifically choose my stall?
Not a problem. First come first serve will be the policy used here and vendors will be given as per request subject to availability. Floor plans are in the process and will be given to the vendors thereafter.

What if I'm only joining a day but I wanna have 2 stalls instead
As long as you're only taking a day, every stall will be priced at RM 80, regardless of how many stalls you're taking. For example, if you're only taking 4th July but you wanna have 2 stalls for maximum comfort and exposure of your business, each stall will still be priced at RM 80 which means taking two tables will be RM 80 + RM 80 = RM 160 all together. However, if you're taking 2 days, every stall will be priced at RM 65 instead. So if you're taking 2 days and 2 tables, you'll be paying RM 65 x 2 + RM 65 x 2 = RM 260 all together.

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